About Ben Gibbins

Ben was born at Kaiser Hospital in Fontana, CA to hard-working parents (Kathleen and Russell Sr.). His parents are deaf and set the example that anyone can overcome challenges and become successful. The are inspirational to him. He is the oldest of four children. Tragically, he lost a sister (Julie) to S.I.D.S. when he was 3 years old. He Lived in Pomona until the age of 5 and was raised in Rancho Cucamonga, CA until he graduated from Etiwanda High School. Ben enlisted into the Army at the age of 17 and served his country for 24 years. He started his Army career as a airborne light-wheeled mechanic and retired as a first sergeant of the Middle Missouri Recruiting Company. His awards include a Joint Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, several Army Commendation Medals, several Army Achievement Medals, airborne wings, and many more. He earned a combat patch for combat duty from the 82nd Airborne and Special Operations Command.

He is currently a full time honor student. He has been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honor society and he serves as an associate justice at MT. SAC. His educational goals include completing a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on addiction, family, and veteran challenges.

He currently works at a residential addiction center dedicated to assisting others who are struggling with chemical addiction and other debilitating mental disorders.

His life goal is to create a multi-demensional addiction center dedicated to treating all addictions in all forms and improving quality of life one person at a time.

He is a proud father and grandfather of his son Anthony, daughter Chelsea, grandson Mason, and granddaughter Arya. 

The reason he is running is to leave this world better than how he found it. He cares about all people, he will listen, and he will put up with political party nonsense. 

Ben Gibbins, a true advocate for all!

My Values 

  • Humanity First
  • Candor is a must
  • Honesty and tact
  • Seeking Solutions
  • Party nonsense must stop! 

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

Pres. J. F. Kennedy

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr

"A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have."

Pres. T. Roosevelt

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