Ben Gibbins 

BIO: U.S. Army MSG(Ret.)

Currently a student and intern for a drug and alcohol counseling certification and degree.

Current education path is to complete a doctorate in Psychology.

The reason why I choose this path is because I jumped into a whiskey bottle for roughly 30 years and didn't come up for air until 10 OCT 2015.

Now, I stand on a personal and professional foundation of nonmalfescience. I intend to help as many people as I can. I have a working scientific theory, once dubbed as founded will create a major change in the psychological field.

There are three paths that I have identified to that end. I accept whichever comes first.

One, influence a legitimate Dr. of Psychology that can test the theory and report it.

Two, become that DR.

Three, leave breadcrumbs to my work for someone to pick up.(just in case)

Please feel free to contact me.